encourage environmental based-decision making
“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”– Albert Einstein, Physicist
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Let's talk about more than CO2 Emissions. We have to. It's critical.

Everybody realized it by now - we gotta deal withour impact on the environment and more than ever with the consequences natural disasters have on all value chains. Those supply chain breakdowns cost companies worldwide billions of dollars and threaten the worlds' economy. Tackling the problem requires multidimensional decision-making on all levels considering financia land environmental constraints at the same time.



We include cost information as additional data input in the environmental impact assessments and feed results back into the controlling. Tackling the big problem about missing primary data for emission calculations only makes it possible to get company-specific footprints of value chains on which decisions can be made. Addressing scope three we chose the hard but the absolute essential track.

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Optimization Model


Our optimization model evaluates process paths based on new linkages of value chain data sourced from companies’ enterprise software already in use. Based on requirements from our customers aggregated KPIs will couple financial forecasting with emission calculations. We tackle the rising sustainable requirements that will earlier or later affect every department in a company. Following, we solve the complexity problem for decision-making under cost and sustainable constraints for stakeholder alignment in projects and between different business units.

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